Brittany Collins, Confidence Coach

A.K.A. The Confidence Keeper

My Story Snippet...

There's always a TEST before the TESTIMONY!

So, I had been operating in the Marketing Coach space for about a year. What seemed like what I was supposed to be doing was NOT what I was called to do in this coaching space. I always wondered why I felt tight, uncomfortable, apprehensive, uncertain, stuck, and wondered why my business wasn't taking off like I knew it could. I have all the credentials and experience to operate as a Marketing Coach but something was not adding up.

If I can be transparent... I had to quiet myself, shut out all other voices including my own, and listen for clear instructions because at this point I was confused, discouraged, and was ready to say "to heck with it". I received a revelation when I was part of the Leadership Experience Tour in February 2022 as one of the featured Speakers. After the morning show, some of the guests told me that what I spoke encouraged them, inspired them, helped them make some decisions, and was what they needed to hear. So, I'm like... "Okay God, what's going on?"

Well, I received an answer. The Most High by His Holy Spirit said, "I did not call you to be a Marketing Coach." I'm like... "Okaaay???"

The Most High said, "What I have brought you out of is what I am calling you to."


So, now I'm thinking back on what The Most High delivered me out of. "Lack of Confidence" pierced my spirit heavily. I'm like... "Whoa!" Okay. I hear you, Yahweh. Now, what do you want me to do with that??? See how we can sometimes question God when we don't want to do what He is calling us to do?


What about my background in business and marketing? The Most High answered, "I didn't say you could not use the information you acquired." What about all the time, energy, personal development, professional development, and money that I have invested as a marketing coach??? The Most High answered, "You learned something didn't you?" Then, there was silence.

I have everything I need to rock this out. The only thing that changed was my "NAME".

When The Most High changes your name it is an indication that there are a New Beginning, New Hope, and Blessings. More importantly, a restart in the right direction; His will.


You are looking at your NEW Confidence Coach. It's always BETTER when you do it in God's way. As your Confidence Coach, I help you as the business leader show up confidently in your marketing message that speaks to your Perfect Client and Grows Profits. 


From one-on-one and group virtual coaching to strategic personal and professional growth development, planning, problem solving and results, my primary focus is helping business leaders develop confidence, authenticity, and visibility in the marketplace. 


I will collaborate with you to develop a marketing message strategy that represents how you communicate CONFIDENTLY to your target audience that can resonate with them, attract them, convert them into your perfect client, resulting in increased profits.



Credentials: Coach Brittany holds an Associate's degree in business and a bachelor's degree in business administration with a marketing concentration. A Master's degree in management with a leadership concentration. Brittany has worked in retail, customer service, sales, management, marketing, and entrepreneurship for over a decade.